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Featuring over 2,115 slot machines, 75 table games and 60 stadium gaming seats, Pickering Casino is a wonderful place for entertainment, one of the best in Canada. Pickering casino games fascinate and attract gamers from every corner of the world. And spectacular tournaments and generous promotions will make every gamer's experience memorable.

Game Categories at Pickering Casino

Slot Machines

Table games

Pickering Casino can give you the most exciting and unique entertainment experience in Canada. Due to the plenitude of slots, table games and distinguished poker rooms at Pickering Casino, you can get a hip to the fascinating gambling world.

FAQ’s gaming


What is the Age Limit for Playing at Pickering Casino?

The legal age for playing at the casino always depends on the laws, statutes, codes, rules, regulations and requirements of the administrative division or territorial entity where the casino is placed. The minimum gambling in Ontario is nineteen years old, which means that for playing at Pickering Casino, the quest should be at least 19.


What Gaming Options Features Pickering Casino?

Pickering Casino offers to the guests a lot of different games of low and high stakes. Among them are two thousand one hundred and fifteen slot machines, seventy-five table games and sixty stadium gaming seats.


Are There Any Other Entertainment Options Except Gambling at Pickering Casino?

Pickering Casino Resort offers visitors a wide range of choice of dining places. Such a great collection of options is a real jackpot of flavours! Pickering Casino guests have a chance to enjoy a great diversity of tastes and cuisines from around the globe at The Buffet. Also, they can taste upscale casual dining and get a unique gastronomic experience at a restaurant called CA•SU•AL. Excellent cuisine is also available at SUN SUI WAH for Chinese food lovers and at ZIO'S for fans of Italian traditions. In their turn, Starbucks and The Bar are ready to slake guests' thirst.


Is Gambling Legal in Ontario?

It is absolutely legal to play games at such places as Pickering Casino. There is a discussion only about legislation on online gambling in the Ontario province. For now, everything goes that it will also become a hundred percent legal. Licensing of online gaming providers and software developers is the best way to liquidate the grey market - it is already just an enquiry of time. There will be no threat to the old-school landed casinos. Such changes in online gambling legislation will boost the whole industry and put it on a new level. Ontario gambling industry evolution is coming, and Pickering Casino Resort is going to be one of its progressive leaders.